Friday, February 11, 2011

Vintage/Victorian Charms for Scrapbook Retreat Charm Swap

So out of the seven sets I completed, these definitely gave me the most trouble. These little stinkers weren't about to go down without a fight. But, completed they are. Finally!!! :-)

Seat #1

This is definitely the simpler of the sets. I ended up using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, not resin, because my husband started doing research online and decided resin was too toxic for someone who is 5 months pregnant to use. I was bummed. I really wanted to try it. I had even bought it and the little mixing cups from Hobby Lobby. But after reading some of the horror stories online, I had to agree with him. Some were complaining of eyelid burn, some said they couldn't use it without opening all the doors and windows, others suggested investing in an industrial grade respirator. Why take the risk? Oh, well. Next year, definitely.

Here's the art charm:

It's pretty substantial in size and weight, so I didn't want to dangle it from another bead. I added one to the jump ring instead.

On the back, I used Mod Podge to glue on and seal the sentiment I'd printed on blue paper. Then I added a thick layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on top.

And here is the filler:

And here they are all packaged up:

Seat #2

So, I worked very hard on this one. I ended up with mixed results.

These heart charms came from a lady who bought an old factory building in New York or New Jersey (can't quite remember which one) and inside she found boxes of charms from the 1940's. Well, at least that was the story she was peddling. Who knows if it's true. But, I don't really care, because I like the idea of coming across boxes of old charms like that. How fun!

Again, I decided to try my hand at decoupaging - something new to me. I took one of the charms and stamped multiple imprints of it on pale pink flourishy paper and cut them out. I used Mod Podge to glue them into the back depression of the charm. Next, I went looking for a quote that included the words "creativity," "inspiration," "art," or "heart." I loved the Marc Chagall quote I stumbled across.

"If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing."

Not all of it would fit on the back of the heart, so I chose "Create from the Heart."

Next, I printed those words on green paper, cut them out, and using tweezers, attached them to the paper I had glued onto the back of the heart. I then sealed it all with Mod Podge. Next, I sprayed a waterproof sealer on the top, since I planned to use only a thin layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on top of it all. After letting the waterproof sealer dry, I covered it with the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and let it dry for several days.

Well, over the course of those days, 3 or 4 of them developed some slight discoloration. I don't know if it was mixing all the mod podge, waterproof sealer and dimensional magic together or whether it was the chemicals reacting to the brass, but some shadowing appeared on a few of them. I was crushed. I had spent hours on these. And it wasn't like I could run out to the store, pick up some new ones and start again. Plus, the front was so pretty that I hated the idea of not using them.

In the end, I decided to include the hearts, but also beef up my set to include a few more charms so that those receiving them wouldn't feel as though they had been cheated. So, that's why this set has 4 different charms on it. Hopefully, those receiving it will find two they like and can consider those the set - art and filler.

So here they are:

I put the full Chagall quote on the front.

I glued a teeny rhinestone on the front. My husband actually helped with this one. He held the rhinestone upside down on his index finger and I put some glue on the heart where it would go. Then, I would press the heart onto his finger tip to pick up the rhinestone with the glue. The GS Hypo Cement worked like a charm. (Get it? Charm? LOL.)

I also included a slip of paper with some information about Chagall in the bag the charms are packaged in. I always like to know more about those being quoted, so I thought it would be fun.

All bagged and ready to go:

The bag reads "18 Charms (2 Seats)."

So those are my Vintage/Victorian charms. I will post my Under the Sea charms tomorrow. I like taking my photos in the sunlight. I think some of the photos above would have turned out much better in sunlight, but I was so excited to be done packaging them that I had to post some pics tonight.

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  1. Marieke, I just love these. You are so freaking talented. What an accomplishment. My hat is off to you. I am seriously in awe.