Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scrapbook Retreat Charm Swap - Vintage Victorian

One of the events I participated in at the scrapbook retreat I went to was the charm swap. The charms I received were amazing. The time people put into these little works of art is truly incredible. And the packaging they put together for them was just amazing. I am very impressed with the ladies who particpiated.

Just so you can get the big picture, I'll start with the ones I submitted:

If you want to read more about how they came to be, click here.

So here are the charms I contributed to the Vintage/Victorian charm swap:

Seat #1

Seat #2

And here are the charms I received:

I should note that most people received only 9 charms back. I did two seats, so I received 18 charms back. I think there were 31 ladies who participated and I made 5 of those sets, so I ended up with 23 out of the 31 charms that were made for the swap. That leaves only 8 that are not shown below. And actually, I know there was one other woman (Kendra Utt) who did 2 seats but I'm not sure if both of her seats were identical. If they were then it may be that only 7 are not shown below. Oh, and actually, I received two more after the swap was over, so that makes just 5 that aren't shown below. If Kendra Utt's two seats weren't identical, then I'm missing her second one, as well. Still, I've got most of them shown below. Missing only 5 or 6 isn't bad.

In no particular order and without further ado, here are the wonderful charms I received:

Made by Linda S.:

Made by Bobie G.:

Made by Wendi H.:

Made by Deanna H.:

Made by Kendra U.:

Made by Melody P.:

(It reads "My Song" on the back.)

Made by Nichole L.:

Made by Lisa T.:

Made by Diane K.:

Made by Tahne T.:

Made by Michelle J.:

Made by Carmen H.:

Made by Yvonne H.:

Made by Charlene W.:

Made by ? (No Name on Package):

Made by Lynn C.:

Made by Kandi G.:

Made by Roberta W.:

Made by Margaret W.:

Made by Tamara W.:

I traded for a couple of extras after the swap was over:

Made by Kathie D.:

Kathie did not participate in the official charm swap but made some to exchange with the swappers after we received our charms back. Lucky for me, I had made some extras of my charms and so was able to get one of these darling angels and the beautiful filler that went with it.

Made by Bobie G.:

Lucky for me, I received one of Bobie's fabulous charm sets in the official charm swap. However, during the clipboard class, we got to talking about how much we both love pink and everything French and so later that day she brought me one of her extra pink charms. What a sweetie! I love it! I was able to give her one of the extra charms I had made.

Finally, here are the charms I made for my friends to swap:

Rachel A.:

Theresa A.:

Claudia K.:

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  1. Marieke, I am so jealous of your swaps! I so wish we all could have had one of everyones! I am happy I got one of yours in my swap! Yay! I didn't get the other girls' : ( I will be more prepared next year and so something a little more exciting. These are all so beautiful!