Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scrapbook Retreat

I just got back from a scrapbook retreat this past Sunday night. I had a great time! While the campus was beautiful, the food amazing and the classes terrific, my favorite part was the night we stayed up laughing, chatting and crafting the night away.

I will be posting about it in a series of posts since there is just too much to tell about in one single shot. (By the way, I didn't take the photos of the lake below. I have to thank the women who attended this even for sharing theirs.)

The event is held on the shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene. And everywhere you look is another stunning view.

The above photos were taken the day we arrived and after the snow melted. The night we arrived, Thursday, it snowed big fat fluffy flakes.

But it all melted by the next afternoon.

When we arrived, there were gorgeous handmade welcome bags were waiting for us. After trying to chose one and having difficulty, my friend, Theresa, pointed out the white and black ones and mentioned she thought she'd get the most mileage out of that one. I had to agree and picked up a black and white one, too. I love it and will use it in my scraproom.

It contained a granola bar, water, flavoring for the water, a schedule, a supplies list for all of our classes, and some Moon Glow Starburst Spray in Cocklebell's Coral. It's a powder in a spray bottle. You add hot water, shake and it becomes a colored mist you spray on paper, much like Glimmer Mist.

At the time we signed in, we got our bedding (if we had ordered any) and our logowear (if we had ordered any). We also had the option of putting our piece of the group art project on the wall. We decided to wait for the other girls to arrive before we stuck them into place, though here is mine and the completed set of them.

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