Monday, July 20, 2009

Belated Birthday Gift

I made this chipboard album as a belated birthday gift for my dear friend, Theresa. She loves green and I think this suits her to a "T" (Get it? "T" for Theresa...Yes, I'm a dork). I hope she likes it. I listed pics of the completed album first and then below that I have listed some pics I took while making it. It has six panels on each side, for a total of twelve panels. I made it with a travel theme in mind and I just love the way it came out. I am tempted to keep it for myself. If only I had something else to give her.

The first side:

The reverse side:

Close-ups of the first side:

Close-ups of the reverse side:

Here are the pics I took while making it:

First, I painted the edges and creases a coordinating green.

Then, I attached the background paper.

Finally, I added the layers, mats and embellishments.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


My husband and I went to Long Beach and Ilwaco, WA for fireworks on July 4th and I just wanted to post this photo we took.

Scrapbooking, Espresso and...TANNING?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It Must be Wedding Season

So, my friend sent me an email last Thursday (July 2nd) of a pic of her and her partner standing around some stonework. There was no message attached. Let me repeat that. There was no message attached. The picture was entitled Wedding 09. So I opened it and thought, "Aww, cute." She is 7 months pregnant and is absolutely adorable. And the last time I saw her, I insisted on taking pictures of her. So, I thought she was sending me a pic of her and her man at a friend's wedding just because she knew I would like it.

Wrong!!!! Wrong, wrong, wrong! It was her wedding!!!! She and her partner (now husband), went to the courthouse and got married. It wasn't until I told my DH to look at the photo that I realized my mistake. He opened the whole album where as I had only clicked on the one photo. He saw there were lots of pics of them, including one giving their vows. I am very happy and excited for her. Everyone who knows me knows I love my DH A LOT!!!! So, I am always happy when others find the one who is right for them.

As a gift to celebrate their wedding, I decided to make them an album. There really weren't enough photos to do an entire wedding album so I decided to make a "The Story of Us" album, instead. I'll include a layout for how they met, their big trip to Denmark, and a couple of layouts for their baby girl (due in August). It's going to be an 8" x 8" album.

Of course, the most fun to do are the baby layouts, so I am doing those first and I included one of them below. They're going to be for the ultra sound photos since she had ultrasounds of the baby starting at 2 days old. Her whole fridge is covered with them and I thought this album would be a good place to store some of them.